School Education

Vision-i Educational Excellence Awards are meant to admire the contributions and pioneering initiatives taken by individuals, preschools, schools, higher educational institutions, and Ed-Tech firms. With these awards, Vision-i Group would like to honour, and recognise the institutions/organisations that are Re-innovating, Re-vamping, Re-Defining & Re- Imagining the teaching-learning processes, in these testing times. With digital classes taking the centre stage, the learning outcomes have changed.

The Vision-i Educational Excellence Awards aim to acknowledge those individuals, educational institutions, and Ed-tech firms that have transformed teaching, learning, and employability outcomes.

Award Categories

Vocational and Skills Training Initiative Awards

  • Innovation in Vocational Education and Skills Training
  • Public-Private Partnership in the Field Of Vocational
    Education and Skills Training
  • Leading Vocational Institute for Skill Development
  • Leading School for Imparting Vocational Training and Skill
  • Curriculum for Vocational Training and Skill Development
  • Employability Enhancing Vocational Training and Skill Development
  • Most Impactful PPP Initiative in Skill Development
  • Digital Learning Initiative in Skill development
  • Debutant Skill training Programme
  • Outstanding Rural Skill Learning Institute

Preschool Education Awards

  • Innovation in Preschool Pedagogy
  • Leading Preschool Chain (National)
  • Emerging Standalone Preschool
  • Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development
  • Innovation in Campus Infrastructure
  • Innovative Preschool Enterprise
  • Profound Technology usage in Early Childhood Teaching
  • Leading Preschool Chain Southern Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Western Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Eastern Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Northern Region

School Education Awards

  • Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning
  • Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  • Green School Initiative
  • Innovation in Language(S) Education
  • Excellence in International Curriculum Practices
  • Use of ICT in School Management
  • Start Up School
  • Innovative Practices for Academic Excellence
  • Innovation in Campus Infrastructure
  • Innovation in STEAM Education
  • Teaching Excellence in Sports
  • Excellent School in Sports Infrastructure
  • Innovation in Special Needs Education

Corporate Awards

  • Leading Security and Surveillance Solutions Provider for the education sector
  • Upcoming Multi-Media Content for K-12 Education
  • Upcoming Training Provider to Working Professionals
  • Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation and Assessment Tool Providers
  • Leading Interactive Solution Providers
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for School Education Institutes
  • Innovative Assessment Tool Providers
  • Innovative Technology for Engineering Institutes
  • Accessories for Infrastructure Development in Institutions
  • Smart Class Solution Provider
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  • Online Education Platform Provider
  • Overseas Education Facilitator
  • Leading ERP Solution Provider
  • Leading School Security Solution Provider

Government Sector Initiative Awards

  • Government Sector Initiative in Skill Development
  • Promotion of IPR, Innovation, Technology Transfer in Universities and Start-ups
  • Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Higher Education and Skills Training
  • Education Facilitator in R&D and Technology Transfer
  • Government Sector Initiative to promote and develop the technologies
  • Government Sector Initiative to promote Digital Learning

K-12 Leadership Awards

  • Top Women Entrepreneurship Award in School Education
  • Top School Entrepreneurship Award
  • Top Preschool Entrepreneurship Award
  • Top School Principal Award
  • Top School Vice-Principal Award