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Dear Publisher/Editor,

We are pleased to inform you that your Journal is eligible to be indexed in the Universal Journal Impact Factor (UJIF) research database free of cost. The Indexing in UJIF will provide the much needed global reach for your serial publication.

You can visit the following link to check the criteria of selection in UJIF.


Once your Journal is indexed in UJIF database, you can apply for the Universal Journal Impact Factor (UJIF) which is an important parameter to mark the quality of your Journal. For UJIF Evaluation, submit the link to previous two issues of your Journal for Evaluation if it is an open access Journal else submit the soft copy of the same in the form of .pdf if it is not an Open Access Journal.

Your Journal/Serial Publication will be evaluated on the basis of various qualitative and quantitative parameters like Scientific Quality of Publication, Quality of Publication, Designated Editorial & Reviewer Board, Indexing, Citation of papers etc. You will receive UJIF for your journal for 2015/2016 with in 7 to 10 days of submission of the requisite documents and very nominal evaluation fee.

Journal Submission Link: http://ujif.org/journal-submission/

Services Offered

  • Journal Indexing
  • Impact Factor (IF) Evaluation
  • Journal Total Quality Factor (JTQF) Evaluation
  • Journal Regularity Factor (JRF) Evaluation
  • Journal Indexing Factor (JIF) Evaluation
  • Journal Popularity Factor (JPF) Evaluation
  • Journal Technical Quality Factor (JTQF) Evaluation
  • Journal Citation Factor (JCFE) Evaluation
  • Journal Editorial Quality Factor (JEQF) Evaluation
  • Journal Originality Factor (JOF) Evaluation 

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Universal Journal Impact Factor


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