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The Vision-i Educational Excellence Awards and Conference 2021 is going to reward outstanding Academic Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities and outstanding Individuals contributing towards growth of the Educational Ecosystem and their organizations. These Awards are going to be a small token of appreciation for the individuals and Institutions who are going to make an honorable future of this society. All the visionaries who wish to enhance, grow, share, gain and boost within the walls of success and competition may participate at this conference. Teaching today is more than a lecturer at a blackboard, and technology has been an integral part of its development. Education and the way people learn and store information has changed. Therefore, its role in the future of education is integral to sustaining the growth and advancement of today’s economy.

It is a great opportunity to bring together an entire community of great Educationalists , Leaders and Institutes together . It will motivate other great minds to strive towards aphelion. The Award ceremony is proposed to be organized on  August 2021 at Hyderabad. The conference is expected to be honored by ingenious bureaucrats, Global leaders, Leaders from Educational Domains & Politicians. This Ceremony will be presented on various digital landscapes of Social media and news sites. It will be covered by well-known electronic and print media houses and the entire function will be uploaded on Media Websites.


Award Categories

  • Step 1: You need to fill your nomination online by visiting
  • Step 2: You may choose the best category that describes your Institute / College / University/Academy / School .
  • Step 3: There will be a Telephonic interview, which will be conducted for nominated Institute / College / University/Academy / School .
  • Step 4: Documents submission profile, work, achievements etc.
  • Step 5: The submissions will be evaluated by esteemed Jury members.
  • Step 6: Announcements of the results will be made on or before August 2021.
  • Step 7: Then we have The Grand Award ceremony with networking lunch at Hyderabad.
  • Step 8: Release of Event videos and photos at Press.